How does Pinnadyne operate?

Pinnadyne provides a local service backed by a team of long time experts in the field, at your disposal, without the enormous expense. We focus on small to mid size businesses, where a full IT staff becomes cost prohibitive. We offer the services that a full Information Technology staff offers without the built in cost, so we do not break your budget. As a Pinnadyne client, your business will receive computer, network, application and IT infrastructure care from a team of technology management professionals.


How much can I expect to pay for your services?

Pinnadyne is very competitively priced. We do not believe in exhausting your budget on our service. We offer many maintenance plans. We offer the annual service contract which provides you with an expert dedicated to your company. The annual plan is designed so that we can design your IT solutions around your needs and be able to better maintain your system because of our full understanding of the architecture. Projects that enhance or augment the current environment are outside the scope of Pinnadyne’s annual plan and are charged accordingly.


What computing platforms do you support?

We support all of the computing platforms used in small businesses offices including: Windows (desktop and server versions), Macintosh and Linux.


What is your definition of small to mid size business? Is my business too small? Is my business too large?

Pinnadyne focuses on serving businesses that have 1 to 300 computers per office or location. We can assist larger and smaller clients but our target market is between those two sizes.


Where does Pinnadyne operate?

Currently, Pinnadyne’s area of operation includes New York City, Philadelphia and all points across New Jersey in between those two cities.


Can you summarize what Pinnadyne can do for my company?

IT services come down to efficiency, reliability and quality. Ask yourself: Does it make sense for my business to employ a full time in-house IT person(s) or would it be more cost-effective to have an IT service partner provide these capabilities?


We can lower your IT expenses while enhancing your efficiency through advanced IT tools.


Do you provide programming services?


Yes we do. We have many years of programming experience in several languages, including the .NET architecture, Java and many other languages. We also handle scripting languages like PHP, Cold fusion and Javascript. We have extensive knowledge in the development and deployment of software solutions that will assist your company.


Do you sell service, hardware and software?


Yes. Pinnadyne offers sales and support of hardware and software from other companies and also offer our internal software solutions and custom software solutions to your specification at prices you can easily afford.


Do you support and service the Mac platform?


Yes we do. We not only have a group of Apple Mac clients but we use Mac laptops in our regular business day. We also have clients that operate in a "mixed environment." These are networks that have both Macintosh, Linux and Windows computers on them together. So no matter the platform you have we do have the expertise to handle it.